The difference between slewing bearings and rolling bearings


1. As far as everything is normal, the slewing bearing contains the abs ring gear for the rolling drive and its anti-fouling sealing equipment. This equipment has a key effect on ensuring that all the slewing bearings are normal and low-speed and long-time load operation.

2. The standard of roller bearings is generally relatively small, while the standard of slewing bearing is very large, its diameter is generally 0.4-10 meters, and even some slewing bearings have a diameter of about 40 meters. Perhaps, such conditions are not very popular.

3. In terms of operating speed, compared with roller bearings, the operating speed of slewing bearings is lower, generally below 50 revolutions per minute. In many places where the rolling bearing must be turned, the slewing bearing does not continue to run, but only rolls back and forth within the angle of view, which is equivalent to "swaying the rolling bearing".

4. The installation methods of slewing bearings and general roller bearings are different. The slewing bearing is not sleeved on the spindle and installed in the rolling bearing box like ordinary rolling bearings, but it is fixed on the upper and lower rubber bearings with screws.

5. Slewing bearings generally must bear loads on multiple levels, not only radial and axial forces, but also large collapse torque. Therefore, a complete set of slewing bearings generally has the same effect as a general roller bearing.

6. At the level of production and processing technology such as raw materials and quenching and tempering treatment, slewing bearings and roller bearings are quite different.

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